Understanding George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting of Trayvon Martin: Further reading

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Trayvon-Martin-2Like so many people in the United States, we were shocked by George Zimmerman’s acquittal this weekend in the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin, above. And, like so many others, we can’t stop reading about it, to try to understand the complexities of this verdict — wrapped around issues of race, gender, gun ownership and violence. Below, further reading on this tragic case.

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Queer lives on.

The queer lives on in the form of an internship! Seems like Misty has nailed herself down to this cause. And happily so. Last week we went on the water with a Dream psychologist conducting Ecopsychology research. More to come on that…One task we were given was to think of the ocean before we sleep and write what comes in the morning. If even for only a moment.

Questioning religion.

Questioning religion.

excerpt from Cynthia’s intriguing look at the binary mindset and natural law. binary: one way or the other ex. black or white, absolute or not, gay or straight. binary basically ignores the shades of grey we all tend to fit a little more comfortably in.